Sound Expeditions is a soundtrack of Indianapolis. Comprising original musical commissions that address both the familiar and the unfamiliar aspects of the city, Sound Expeditions documents site-based sound art and composition. Each track is an aural (or auditory) monument to places in the city, complex histories, divergent memories, and hopeful futures.

Each track pairs an artist with a site for the creation of a new composition. The 30 tracks reflect real experiences of the city that capture the iconic as well as the mundane, the remembered, and the forgotten. The Sound Expeditions artists have conceptualized complex social, environmental, imaginative, cultural, and political ideas and spaces into evocative soundscapes and musical scores that range from joyful to melancholic.

The tracks move between nature to urban infrastructures, from erasures to exposures, from animals and insects to digital sound bites, and from unsolved mysteries to historical events. The soundtrack of the city is a musical journey that captures a range of compositional techniques with electronic sounds, archival extractions, and lyrical joys.

The messages, varying from cautionary warnings to hopeful visions for the future, bear the sonic fingerprints of each composer. Together they create a unified portrait of Indianapolis.